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Our unique insulated pallets and cool covered thermal blankets can withstand variations of temperatures in controlled and non- controlled environments.


We use cool thermal blankets that maintain a constant temperature range of 15°C to 25°C (+/- 5°C) for pallets of chilled freight, cargo and provide valued insulation protection against direct sunlight, rain, humidity and heat. 


At Cool Cargo we specialise in sending your freight by air using the most modern methods of air shipping.  Dry ice can be used during air freight shipments within certain airline limits. If you require dry ice to be used in your frozen shipping do not hesitate to contact us.


Global requirements have become more regulated. To ensure you are choosing the safest solution we can offer you active cold chain packaging for your temperature sensitive products. 

Chilled Pallets

The process for chilled freight starts with you advising us on what the chilled product transportation requirements are for your pharmaceuticals or foods .


The packed products are then collected by Cool Cargo or delivered by manufacturers. The supplier the goods are checked, security cleared and then labelled in our temperature controlled warehouse.