Many people often wonder how to transport chocolate from the United Kingdom, Cool Cargo can assist with movement of full load and samples of chocolate.


Have you ever wondered how chocolate is transported around the world? Well the best way to ship large amounts of chocolates is on pallets or boxes from the United Kingdom to overseas. 


The ideal temperature for chocolate transport is between +10 to + 18 degrees. Cool Cargo as a chocolate logistics company can offer you shipping by air, sea, and road.


We at cool cargo offer dedicated vehicles for temperature-controlled chocolate deliveries within the UK and Europe. For further chocolate deliveries overseas, we can offer chocolate shipping by air & sea.



Lets just say you are a commercial exporter seeking to export chocolate from the UK to a non-EU country!


It is your responsibility (as the exporter) to ensure that you are aware of any restrictions and what export conditions apply to your destination.

In order to learn more please check with Defra before food can be exported to your chosen country or contact us!

 Cool Cargo can offer you chilled chocolate export services that need to maintain at a temperature from +10 to + 18 degrees whilst in transit to your destination.

Our food export services can assist with your shipping of cocoa goods from Great Britain.


 We can collect directly from your wholesaler, supplier or producer!


Any questions?

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