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Pharmaceutical Transport Specialists

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The pharmaceutical transport industry is unlike any other. It involves many unique challenges in ensuring the safe, uninterrupted distribution of life-saving drugs and medical equipment. The supply chain is more complex than anything in the world of consumer products where logistical failures are, at worst, inconvenient. In contrast, the constant supply of pharmaceutical products is crucial to companies, public bodies, healthcare institutions, governments and individuals.

A logistics company in this sector such as Cool Cargo faces the same time pressures as any supply chain but also needs to provide guaranteed protections against contamination or instability in the healthcare products being transported. Logistics management begins at the place of manufacture, continues through acquisition, storage and movement until the point of delivery. 

Cool Cargo is a specialist in the temperature-controlled transportation of goods nationally and internationally. We have worked with the pharmaceutical transport industry for over 30 years, offering road, sea and air services to ensure the timely delivery of vital supplies in perfect condition.

Our services cover cold chain logistics as a whole, ensuring that products remain within the optimal temperature range throughout the entire supply chain. We specialize in handling pharmaceutical shipments and other temperature-sensitive products

Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

At Cool Cargo, we offer dedicated logistics solutions which are conducted from end to end in full compliance with the European Medicines Agency's Good Distribution Practice guidelines. GDP establishes the minimum standards to which any organisation within the logistics chain of healthcare supply must adhere. It ensures that all medicines are stored in the optimum conditions during both storage and transportation, with stringent protections against contamination. It also demands that the turnover of stored medicines and their delivery are conducted quickly and accurately. The rules apply to active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as medicines.

Cool Cargo's cold chain network ensures chain visibility and is designed for the efficient delivery of pharmaceuticals and medical goods across the healthcare industry to both large retail pharmacy chains and independents, clinics, hospitals and care homes.

Our transport services covering air, ocean and road freight solutions are fully GDP compliant, including final mile fulfilment. We carry out end-to-end risk assessments on every route and provide real-time visibility of location and temperature. We offer different temperature zones and tailor our methods to the specific requirements of our clients. Via our global air freight network, we can transport your goods to virtually any destination in the world with the benefit of continuous shipment tracking. We are able to transport large or small consignments to the most exacting schedules, plugging into local road freight routes via hundreds of logistics hubs.

Our sea freight service offers weekly sailing flexibility and both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less-than-container Load (LCL) options. We are committed to using the most sustainable solutions while maintaining the highest standards and the most competitive price structure.

Where land transport is a more practical solution, in the UK, across Europe and into its neighbouring countries, we provide both part and full load services, guaranteeing direct delivery of all consignments. Our road freight service drastically reduces and in most cases eliminates reloading and terminal handling and all deliveries are carried out with online tracking and reporting tools such as lead-time comparison and electronic POD.

From our headquarters near Heathrow Airport, we ship time-sensitive goods all over the world for clients throughout the life sciences, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

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