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Cool Cargo offer reefer cargo services from the United Kingdom to anywhere in the world. Our refrigerated containers are available for shipping to your chosen destination.


Our reefer shipping experts will advise you on the most appropriate product preparation for your goods as it is critical to ensure success in transporting your chilled or frozen cargo.


Cool Cargo ensure your goods are sent with the right level of temperature, humidity, ventilation, among other specifications, and quality control.

Reefer Shipping

Available in 20 RF foot,  40 RF foot and 40RF HQ foot containers, and even part loads into certain destinations – where we can combine your goods with other loads (provided that all the goods can be kept at the same temperature).  Combining your load with other goods can keep your cost down!


Our reefer sea shipping containers supplied by major sea shipping lines can maintain a temperature control range as low as -35°C and up to +30°C.


Temperature control cargo shipping by sea is available to most major ports across the globe to ship frozen food stuff, frozen pharmaceuticals, and health care products.

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