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Move Fresh


Move fresh produce with logistics company Cool Cargo UK. We offer movement of fresh produce or products from The EU to the UK as well as UK to EU. Move fresh produce or products known as FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). These can be Perishable goods or Quick or fast-moving goods on the shelves of supermarkets and smaller food retail shops and & café bars.

We at cool cargo logistics UK offer Full load and part load shipping services for move fresh products and produces to leading metropolitan centers around the globe by air, sea and land.


The key to shipping fresh produce is ensuring that your products stay cool, dry, and fresh in transit from the producer or the manufactures to Prevent Damage, Spoilage, and Temperature Changes. Packaging plays a huge factor in this process as well logistics routes, so this takes time and carefully plan to ensure that the product or produce is delivered fresh from the supplier / collection point to final delivery to the receiver’s warehouse.




Fruits & Vegetables


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