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 Groupage Enquiry

Chilled and frozen foods groupage services to Europe and UK. 

EU Export or import Groupage movements to and from the UK, please note we will require the following documentation. We may request proof prior to a quotation of the below Documents. all Product of Animal orgin (POAO*) Goods will require Vet Certificates.


Food Exports to the EU  will require customs clearance to be completed at the Port of Calais; France,  using  Procedure 42. This requires the importer to have either a French VAT number or a Fiscal representation in France. Please only submit your EU Grouapge inquiry, if the goods are able to be cleared in Calais; France for Free movement within the EU. we will not be able to assit otherwise for EU Groupage Services.   

  • Commercial Invoice ( EORI, HS Codes, Values).

  • Packing List

  • Certificate of conformity

  • Veterinary, Export Health Certificate for  (POAO*)

  • CVED Documents

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