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Food Shipping Company

​As a food shipping company, we know how important it is for fresh food to reach consumers quickly and safely to ensure food security. Food shipping can take various forms, including delivery services, courier services, or shipping companies that specialize in transporting food items.

When shipping food and agricultural products, it is crucial to maintain the right temperature. This is necessary to ensure the quality and safety of the products. This is particularly important for items like fresh produce, dairy products, and frozen goods.

Food transport companies use special packaging and containers to ship food safely, maintaining temperature and preventing damage. we also use  temperature tracking systems to watch where and how the shipments are proceeding, giving customers live updates on their deliveries.

Food shipping services have become increasingly popular, especially with the rise of online food ordering and meal delivery platforms. These services make it easy for customers to order a variety of food and have it delivered to their homes.

Did you know, as a private shipper you can send non-perishable food by mail in the UK without any restrictions, Dry or canned non-perishable food is considered low risk. for more information on shipping foodstuffs or obtaining for information on how to ship with the UK please click here

​We offer reliable and give great service for perishable foods delivery. We can track the delivery to make it more efficient. We deliver to businesses and individuals. ​Food services industry encompasses the preparation, distribution, and consumption of food and beverages. It includes a wide range of establishments such as restaurants, cafes, food trucks, catering companies, and more. Food services are important for giving people food and drinks, whether they eat out, go to events, or get food delivered. This industry has a reputation for its diverse cuisines, culinary creativity, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Ambient, fresh and frozen food shipping service Cool Cargo UK are expert in packing and shipping food internationally. Find out how we can help you today!

The food industry is constantly evolving, and we're adapting to meet these changes head-on. We've observed a rise in e-commerce, an increasing demand for home food delivery, and a desire for healthier options. With our extensive experience in temperature-controlled delivery, we guarantee reliability, outstanding service and traceability for more efficient refrigerated delivery to both professional and private customers.


​Perishables Reefer Food shipping

Our dedicated cold chain solution will keep your perishables cool and safe Cool Cargo UK offers a wide range of dedicated solutions for the Food and Perishables industry. Our guaranteed end-to-end cold chain control solution ensures that we deliver products in the best and freshest conditions. Our cold chain experts handle all types of perishables and sensitive food products from -25°C to +25°C across our worldwide network.

Now, this is the deal because no matter your destination, your frozen food items are transported and delivered to you frozen and in absolutely good condition. You will become glued to them after a first try because getting your frozen items in a fresh condition

​Cool Cargo UK are expert in packing and shipping food internationally. Learn how we can help you today!

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