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Chilled Delivery of Fruit, Veg, Dairy, Fish, Meat & Flowers

Fruit & veg

 We are independently owned exporters of perishable products such as fruit and vegetables. 

With our head office at London Heathrow, we offer exports of perishable air cargo from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, and Stansted airport.



Cool Cargo is the first UK based multi-modal freight forwarder that is 100% committed to the export of your British goods and perishable products in the United Kingdom.


With our perishable experience, we offer our customers a reliable and dedicated perishable logistics partner from UK origin to any destination.



With our experience, and partner airlines developing effective handling techniques for chilled and frozen products; Cool Cargo provides shippers with optimum, cost-efficient packaging and shipping methods for samples and even commercial orders.



There are many methods for frozen freight shipping from the use of dry ice to frozen gel packs.


Our experienced team at Cool Cargo can assist you with options available for the most efficient loading and transportation methods for shipping of your temperature-controlled food cargo.



Our clients are assured that their cool chain goods will be handled in a perfect manner and that the quality perishable goods will arrive safe and within temperature-controlled airfreight requirements.

We regularly handle small and large shipments of frozen foods 'Just In Time and Must Fly' temperature-controlled shipping; we also offer specialised large charter of a fully refrigerated aircraft.


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