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Reefer shipping & Refrigerated Containers

Reefer shipping Services; Refrigerated freight Services

Reefer vessel cargo services by Cool Cargo Uk we offer reefer cargo services from United kingdom to its customers based Great Britain. Our reefer fleet is availed from major shipping lines to your destination. Cool Cargo's reefer shipping experts advise is that appropriate product preparation is critical to ensure success in transporting your chilled / frozen cargo via reefer cargo shipping including temperature, humidity and ventilation, among other specifications, and quality control. Our Reefer export cargo team ensure the highest levels of quality, excellence and satisfaction for you our customer. Reefer Containers, a refrigerated sea shipping methods. Refrigerated container, used for inter-modal shipping of chilled / frozen cargo.

Refrigerated Container Shipping; Reefer vessel cargo service; Reefer Freight

We at Cool cargo Uk can provide a variety of options for refrigerated container transport (also known as reefers Container’s) for export from the and import into the UK.  Some chilled goods will need to be kept at a chilled, cooled or frozen constant temperature, for example frozen food stuffs, whilst other items (for example waxes) may need to be protected from heat or cooler temperatures in a controlled temperature environment.  Refrigerated containers, Reefers allow the transportation of perishable goods at any time of year, safe and secure in the knowledge your goods will not spoil.

Reefer Shipping


Cool Cargo Uk offer Reefer container export services for Cold Chain and Refrigerated Shipping by Sea of frozen and chilled goods and frozen produce. Cool cargo has access to thousands reefers cross the globe, including 20 feet standard and 40 feet high cube reefers.


Reefer container shipping Size; Reefer Cargo Service. Reefer container shipping


Available in 20 RF foot,  40 RF foot and 40RF HQ foot containers, and even part loads into certain destinations – where we can combine your goods with other loads (provided that all the goods can be kept at the same temperature).  Combining your load with other goods can keep your cost down.

Examples of refrigerated container transported goods include:

  • Frozen meat

  • Cheese, Dairy Products

  • Chocolate

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Fruit & Vegetables


Reefer shipping service; Reefer shipping Company UK

Cool cargo can also offers comprehensive advice and services in all Port Health matters.  If importing or exporting food stuffs, your goods will be subject to Port Health clearance.  Our experienced team of freight agents can advise on all Port Health queries.

When importing chilled, frozen goods into the UK your goods will be subject to VAT and Duty charges through customs. 


Cool Cargo Refrigerated Container Shipping and Chilled freight export company, Reefer Exports London, UK

Reefer Container Shipping; Reefer Cargo Services, Refrigerated Transport Services


 Reefer shipping service UK

Refrigerated shipping by sea freight via our Reefer Freight Service from UK

Temperature controlled Refrigerated shipping by sea freight requires for your to use a refrigerated Container. These  refrigerated Containers are available from Cool Cargo to ship frozen and chilled goods from Uk. Our reefer sea shipping containers supplied by major sea shipping lines can maintain temperature control range as low as -35°C up to +30°C. Temperature control cargo shipping by sea is available to most major port around the globe to ship of frozen food stuff, chilled pharmaceuticals, and health care products.


Temperature controlled Container, Reefer Shipping & Refrigerated cargo / freight Shipping Company: Tel 0845 270 7186

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