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Frozen Food Delivery & Chilled Parcel Shipping

Frozen Food Delivery service; chilled food shipping service

Frozen food delivery by Cool Cargo by Air, Road  to Europe and Worldwide from the United Kingdom. Frozen, Chilled Parcel Export Service, Frozen food delivery services for foods samples and food delivery to EU, USA, UAE, China and other destinations.

Chilled Parcel Shipping


Cool Cargo UK, provide frozen food shipping for frozen food delivery by air and road for urgent time critical parcels via airfreight for shipping frozen foods.  Urgent chilled, frozen parcel delivery service for products that are required to stay in a frozen state while in transit to final destination via air freight from United Kingdom. Airfreight is the traditional route preferred method of transport for time-critical cold chain shipping products.

chilled, Frozen food Parcel delivery

There are many methods for refrigerated air freight shipping form use of Dry Ice to frozen Gel Packs; our experienced staff can assist you with options available for the most efficient loading and transportation methods for shipping of temperature controlled food samples for cool and refrigerated frozen express cargo delivery.

Send Frozen food delivery to Europe, Chilled Foods delivery to Europe. Urgent foods sample delivery

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Channel Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, 
France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland,Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Frozen food Delivery worldwide

Dry ice which must be declared by the shipper (IATA Regulations)  and Frozen gel packs to maintain the cool chain temperature your products you will require to ship frozen foods through its journey to final destination.

We regularly handle small and large shipments of cold frozen foods  “just in time, Must fly ” temperature controlled shipping; we also offer specialised large charter of a fully refrigerated aircraft.

Our clients are assured that their cool chain goods will be handled in perfect manner and that the quality perishable goods will arrive safe and within temperature controlled airfreight requirements.

ship with Cool cargo for frozen food deliveries to Europe, We also supply many value added services through our agent network of refrigerated and frozen warehouse services, relabelling, packaging material, pick and pack logistics for food handling services.

To ensure the quality of goods and services, a number of cold chain technologies are used. The most common include:

Dry ice – Solid carbon dioxide which does not melt. It keeps a shipment frozen during extended periods of time at approximately -80°C. It is suitable for shipping of pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods, and food.

Gel packs – Mostly used for pharmaceutical and medical shipments which must be stored at a temperature between 2 and 8°C. Gel packs may melt during the transit process, while still maintaining an internal temperature. An alternative to gel packs is eutectic plates filled with liquid, which can be reused many times.

Liquid nitrogen – Used to keep items frozen over extensive period of time, mostly for the transport of biological cargo. Its temperature is approximately -196°C, and it is considered a hazardous substance.

Quilts, Cold Blankets – Serve as a buffer in circumstances of temperature variations. They keep the temperature constant and are therefore often used to keep sensitive goods at room temperature, protecting them from outside temperature changes.


Frozen Shipping, Temperature sensitive air freight, Cargo Movers, Frozen food Exporters

Chilled, temperature controlled freight forwarding services, ship Chilled, temperature sensitive air freight to Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Dubai, Egypt, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, USA, Vietnam and Zimbabwe with Cool Cargo UK.

Export Frozen Deserts & Cakes, Pies °C   -20…  -17; °F   -4…  +1.4

Export Deep frozen fish °C   -20…  -17; °F   -4…  +1.4

Export Dough °C   -5…  +5; °F   +32…  +41

Export Fish preserves °C   -5…  +0; °F   +23…  +32

Export Frozen beef and pork, mutton °C   -20…  -17; °F   -4…  +1.4

Export Frozen chicken and fowl °C   -20…  -17; °F   -4…  +1.4

Export Frozen concentrated juices and cream °C   -20…  -17; °F   -4…  +1.4

Export Frozen Milk and Dairy  °C   -20…  -17; °F   -4…  +1.4

Export Frozen fruits °C   -20…  -18; °F   -4…  -0.4

Export Frozen smoked fish °C   -8…  +0; °F   +17.6…  +32

Export Frozen vegetables °C   -20…  -12; °F   -4…  +10.4

Export  Honey °C   +13…  +14; °F   +55.4…  +57.2

Export Ice cream °C   -20…  -18; °F   -4…  -0.4


How to Export Temperature controlled food samples, use Cool Cargo UK


what is require to export Ambient, Chilled and Frozen cargo / freight ?


How to Export Chilled, Ambient and Frozen foods, produce or Products. 


When sending chilled, ambient or even frozen foods the exporter / importer must do due diligence on the export/ Import of the produce with importing country, the client / receiver will need to registered with the tax authority have Tax Code / VAT number for importing goods. 


All produce, food products for human consumption arriving into the country generally have to go through a port authority that may require the following:-


  • Importers details as well as importers Customs / Tax / VAT code.

  • Health Certificate issued by county of Export, certificate of origin, if required by the Importing country. Please check with the importer.

  • Chilled, Ambient and Frozen produce consignments can be detained by importing by Port Health Authority for food acceptability certificate documentation inspection and processing. This can take up to 24 Hours once the cargo has landed.

  • Commercial Invoice confirming (HS Code) tariff codes and value of goods for customs clearance purpose.


Please send all export documentation requested as above to cool cargo prior to export for checking and process prior to export of your Ambient, chilled and frozen cargo.


All Chilled, Ambient and Frozen cargo / freight must be packed into appropriate cartons for export shipping. If you do not have proper packaging cool cargo can assist in packing and shipping the product.  For more information on how to export export food please contact the food Standards Agency,  or commercial exports please see BFFF. Frozen and chilled  products export company, Frozen Food shipping: Frozen Dinners & Meals, Frozen Ice Cream & Novelties, Frozen Pizza, Frozen Milk, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Breakfast Food. Frozen Seafood, Frozen Fish, Lobster, Prawns, shrimp, Frozen Meats, Frozen Desserts & Bakery, Frozen Fruit. Frozen dairy Products.

How to Export / Import Frozen foods from UK.

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