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Pharmaceutical shipping company UK

Pharmaceutical shipping company for Healthcare & Medical Goods.


UK Pharmaceutical shipping companies, Cool Cargo, freight and transport healthcare, urgent medical equipment around the globe by air cargo, road and Sea freight. Choose a cool cargo company with experience in shipping pharmaceuticals worldwide from the UK. We offer pharmaceutical export companies different methods of shipping overseas from Air freight to sea freight and road transport to European countries.


Pharmaceutical cargo services; Shipping Pharmaceuticals

Uk Freight, pharmaceutical cargo shipping Service for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare export Companies based in UK or importer seeking conventional export pharmaceutical, healthcare shipments from England, Wales and Scotland we offer temperature controlled pharmaceutical Cargo Services.

UK pharmaceutical shipping company; pharmaceutical shipping

Cool Cargo pharmaceutical shipping provides a top level of service for Pharma shipping by air, sea and road movements transporting all types of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products to destination worldwide. Providing a range of pharma shipping options and services for the pharmaceutical sector at Cool Cargo. As an independent UK freight forwarding company based at Heathrow, We provide cool cargo logistics, shipping and chilled freight services for health care and pharmaceutical companies from the United Kingdom to overseas clients from temperature controlled chilled airfreight for Flu vaccines and insulin for human use and Ambient air freight services for pharmaceuticals.  Many pharmaceutical buyers as suppliers use our services to ship pharma goods from UK to global destinations Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Dubai, Egypt, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, USA, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

Pharmaceutical shipping UK


We provide general air freight shipping as well as pharma shipping solutions by air cargo for specialist temperature controlled pharmaceutical shipping by air freight to meet client, product requirements we can provide Express Freight shipping for Pharma goods. Pharmaceutical Transport by air and road, Pharmaceutical shipping companies like cool cargo around the world to need to work together, for client needs and product requirements for safe and swift delivery from the seller to the buyer. The air transportation of pharmaceutical products requires specialised, harmonized handling procedures, strong cooperation among the cold chain service, shipping partners for movement and delivery of Pharma Products worldwide.


Freight Medical Equipment; Medical Shipping


Cool cargo as a Medical freight forwarding company, Pharmaceutical freight forwarder can assist in movement and shipping of the largest and most complex pieces of medical equipment to the smallest, most fragile items of medical equipment overseas from the UK we have assisted many organisations in the past to move medical equipment and pharma goods overseas.  We ship all types of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals around the globe.

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