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Sending Food Samples to USA

Cool Cargo to USA
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Send Food to USA,


Sending food to the USA is complicated, and generally permitted for commercial imports only, however, private individuals from the UK can send food to family or friends ( as unsolicited Gifts) or to a private individual. But these MUST NOT BE for commercial use or for Testing Purposes. These foods must be Non Perishable, chilled or frozen. Only ambient foods are permitted as unsolicited gifts with a shelf life of minimum 6 months and must comply with US Customs Regulations. These Items must be in the original manufacturers packaging and unopened. The food label needs to list all the ingredients on the Invoice and packing List. The best before date must be displayed on the packaging.

Sending Food Samples for Commercial Purpose to the US

Sending food samples to the USA is permitted for commercial and testing purposes, this is permitted by the FDA. A Prior Notice should be attained before export otherwise this could lead to goods being destroyed upon arrival and heavy fines levied.

Temperature Control Food Shipping Service to the USA


Export Food shipping from the UK to the USA; UK food export company to the United States of America. Temperature controlled shipping by Air Freight from London, LHR UK to the USA, cool cargo the chilled cargo carrier introduces its Climate Control shipping for food and Pharma shippers from the UK to the USA. we offer temperature-controlled shipments to the USA from London via air direct on British Airways, American Airlines, Delta, United Airways and Virgin Cargo, for Pharma, Medical Related Cargo using Temperature controlled containers likes of envirotainer, Csafe DoKaSch and VA-Q-TEC. Temperature controlled freight forwarder to America, temperature controlled air freight to USA, temperature controlled cargo agent to the USA, temperature controlled cargo company to USA chilled air freight to the USA. perishable air freight UK to the USA.

Send Food or Frozen, Chilled samples contain foods or Pharmaceuticals below is a Guide on Sending Food samples to the United States.

Refrigerated shipping to the USA

Sending Food to the US; Send Food Samples to the USA, Ship Food Sample to the US from the UK

When exporting food & pharma goods or samples or into the United States they must first go through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be cleared for entry into the United States. The United States is very strict on what they do allow to be imported over their borders, so it is important customers do their research before sending food samples to the US.

Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) requires prior notice of any imports of food into the US, and failure to do so may result in your package being detained, returned or destroyed at shippers cost.

•    Send food in its original manufacturer’s packaging with Packing List and Commercial Invoice.
•    Make sure it is sealed and not tampered with in any way.
•    Food label must list all ingredients.
•    Foods must have a shelf life of longer than six months from the date of shipping.
•    All foods samples that have a shelf life of less than six months will be classed as “perishables”, and cannot be sent via courier services.

Temperature controlled shipping Packaging Guide to the USA


To ensure your food samples arrive promptly and without any damage, here are  are some basic and simple packaging rules you can follow:

  • Whenever you send a frozen or chilled sample food or Pharma, especially one containing fragile items, it is best to use a polystyrene box with a secure closure, with Frozen or Chilled Ice or Gel pack in a new double-corrugated cardboard box for the outer packaging.

  • Wrap each item individually in bubble-wrap and fill any remaining space left in the box with left-over bubble wrap, newspaper or foam.

  • Seal the box with plenty of packaging tape and secure all flaps and seams with a layer of Packaging Tape.

  • Clearly display the packaging labels and make sure each item is clearly listed on the shipping invoice. This will avoid your goods being delayed at customs.

Perishables by Air Freight to United States Of America from the UK

Shipping Perishables by Air Cargo to USA; New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver, Allentown (pa), Albuquerque (nm), Augusta (ga, Albany (NY), anchorage (AK), Atlanta (ga), Austin (TX), Hartford (CT), Birmingham (al), Nashville (TN), Boise, Boston (ma), Brownsville (TX), baton rouge (la), Burlington, Vermont, buffalo , Burbank, Baltimore (md), Columbia (SC), Charleston (SC), cedar rapids (IA), Cleveland (oh), Charlotte (NC), Columbus(oh), Colorado spring (co), Cincinnati (oh), Daytona beach, Dayton (oh), Denver (co), Dallas (), des (IA), Detroit (mi), Paso), fort (TX), Falls (), Spokane (was), grand rapids, Greensboro (NC, Greenville (SC), great falls, Honolulu, Huntsville, Washington (dc, Houston (TX), Wichita (KS), Indianapolis (in), Jacksonville (flu), new York city (NY), las Vegas (NV), loss Angeles, Lexington, little rock, Lincoln, Laredo, Orlando, Memphis, Philadelphia, Tulsa from UK, Air cargo shipments of perishable goods such as dairy produce ( Milk, Cheese, Icecream), meats, seafood require careful handling. our cool chain solutions are tailor-made to meet the exact export requirements needed for all types of perishable goods to the USA from the UK.

Export food to the USA; food Exporters to the USA from Britain; Importing Food Products into the United States

for more information on exporting perishable air freight UK to the USA or importing foods and chilled Pharma into the USA please see USA Food:

Temperature controlled Shipping UK to the USA by air cargo and by sea shipping.

Temperature controlled sea containers are know as reefers are available for full loads, FCL containers by Sea Freight to USA from UK.

Temperature controlled air freight,  refrigerated air cargo shipping logistics specialist Cool Cargo UK are shippers of Ambient, chilled and Frozen air freight. The process for chilled freight starts with the clients advising Cool Cargo the chilled product transportation requirements be they pharmaceuticals or foods. The packed products are then collected, or delivered by manufacturers, supplier the goods are checked, security cleared sorted and labelled in our temperature controlled warehouse.

Temperature controlled air freight

Do you require temperature-control air freight transportation solution for your sensitive cargo, freight? That's chilled or cool. Cool cargo offers critical temperature-control freight services by air, road transport and Sea Reefer shipping.

Temperature controlled pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical shipping companies

Cool-cargo offers temperature controlled shipping solutions from United Kingdom for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, Life sciences, biotechnology for research and clinical trials and medical goods. Temperature controlled movement and shipping of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies like vaccines began in the middle of the 19th century. With modern pharmaceuticals now requiring more temperature controlled shipping. It is now more critical that the pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical shipping companies safeguard the vaccine and medication for global movement for temperature variance. it is up to the cold chain supply to ensure the that the temperature sensitive products, especially healthcare or pharmaceuticals products are maintained as per product temperature requirements. Every freight movement needs to be under control from time of collection to final delivery. Pharmaceutical temperature varies but, (usually +2C to +8C or +15C to +25C) but also frozen) due to the sensitive nature of these consignments or either the life cycle of product, safe handling, shipping is imperative for final delivery of temperature controlled pharmaceutical.

Temperature controlled air freight food shipping, Refrigerated air cargo  services to Allentown (pa), Albuquerque (nm), Augusta (ga, Albany (NY), anchorage (AK), Atlanta (ga), Austin (TX), Hartford (CT), Birmingham (al), Nashville (TN), Boise, Boston (ma), Brownsville (TX), baton rouge (la), Burlington, Vermont, buffalo , Burbank, Baltimore (md), Columbia (SC), Charleston (SC), cedar rapids (IA), Cleveland (oh), charlotte (NC), Columbus(oh), Colorado spring (co), Cincinnati (oh), Daytona beach, Dayton (oh), Denver (co), Dallas (), des (IA), Detroit (mi), Paso), fort (TX), Falls (), Spokane (was), grand rapids, Greensboro (NC, Greenville (SC), great falls, Honolulu, Huntsville, Washington (dc, Houston (TX), Wichita (KS), Indianapolis (in), Jacksonville (flu), new York city (NY), las Vegas (NV), loss Angeles, Lexington, little rock, Lincoln, Laredo, Orlando, Memphis, Philadelphia, Tulsa.


The cargo be it chilled Chocolates to Frozen Desserts, Frozen Meat, Frozen Poultry, Ice Cream, Frozen Butter, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruit Juice, Frozen Fish, Chilled Meat Chilled Poultry, Fresh Cheese, Chocolate, Margarine is securely packaged in our unique cool insulated pallets which help keep goods chilled or frozen for the journey of the cargo from Warehouse, to airline shed, onboard aircraft and finally at arrival destination for the consignee to arrange collection from cargo shed or delivered as per customer requirements.


Temperature controlled air Cargo, Refrigerated airfreight Services


Our unique insulated pallets and cool covered thermal blankets can withstand variations of temperatures in controlled and non- controlled environments. Cool thermal blanket that maintains a constant temperature range of 15°C to 25°C (+/- 5°C) for pallets of chilled freight, cargo ) and provide valued insulation protection against direct sunlight, rain, humidity and heat. Our Ambient cargo shipping follows a similar process, but do not require insulated pallets. Ship your Chilled Air Freight to Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Dubai, Egypt, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, USA, Vietnam and Zimbabwe with Cool Cargo UK.


How to Export Chilled Freight


what is require to export Ambient, Chilled pharmaceuticals and Frozen cargo/freight?


How to export chilled, ambient pharmaceuticals and frozen foods, produce or products. 


When sending temperature controlled, ambient , chilled, Temperature controlled pharmaceuticals or even frozen foods the exporter/importer must do due diligence on the export/ Import of the produce with importing country, the client / receiver will need to register with the tax authority have Tax Code / VAT number for importing goods. 


All pharmaceuticals, produce, food products for human consumption arriving into the country generally have to go through a port authority that may require the following:-


  • Importers details as well as importers Customs / Tax / VAT code.

  • Health Certificate issued by the county of Export, certificate of origin if required by the Importing country. Please check with the importer.

  • Chilled, Ambient pharmaceuticals and Frozen produce consignments can be detained by importing by Port Health Authority for food acceptability certificate documentation inspection and processing. This can take up to 24 Hours once the cargo has landed.

  • Commercial Invoice confirming (HS Code) tariff codes and value of goods for customs clearance purpose.


Please send all export documentation requested as above to cool cargo prior to export for checking and process prior to export of your Ambient, chilled and frozen cargo.


All Chilled, Ambient and Frozen cargo/freight must be packed into appropriate cartons for export shipping. If you do not have proper packaging cool cargo can assist in packing and shipping the product.  For more information on how to export Food please contact the food Standards Agency.


Ambient, Chilled, Frozen, Temperature controlled air cargo, Refrigerated airfreight Services & shipping:-

FDA Regulations for Shipping Food to the US from United Kingdom

Public Health Security and Bio-terrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002

NOTE: The following information is relevant for Cool Cargo customers only.
Bio-Terrorism Act
The USA's "Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002," (also known as the bio-terrorism Act or BTA) includes provisions designed to protect the United States against bio-terrorist threats to its food supply including food from foreign sources.

As a result, US Customs can return or abandon all shipments that do not comply with all required provisions. The US government will enforce all fines/penalties described for non-compliance.

This law has two major provisions impacting Cool Cargo Customers:

Registration of Facilities: The FDA will require that domestic and foreign facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food for human or animal consumption in the United States register with the FDA. US-based farms, retail facilities, restaurants and non-profit food facilities in which food is prepared for or served directly to the consumer are exempt from these requirements.

FDA Prior Notice:

Prior Notice of Importation of Food: The FDA will require that US purchasers or US importers or their agents submit to the FDA prior notice on the importation of food. Prior notice must be submitted no less than four hours before flight arrival but may not be submitted more than five days prior to shipment arrival.
Registration and Prior Notice has a significant impact on the trading community. This document aims to provide an overview of the relevant provisions that may impact on you as customers of Cool Cargo.

Guidelines for shipping food to the US
What types of commodities are covered?
Examples of commodities the FDA consider to be food include:

  • Dietary supplements and dietary ingredients

  • Infant formula (baby food)

  • Beverages including alcoholic beverages and bottled water

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • Fish and seafood

  • Dairy products and shell eggs

  • Raw agricultural commodities for use as food or components of food

  • Canned and frozen foods

  • Live food animals

  • Bakery goods, snack foods, sweets and chewing gum

  • Animal feed and pet food

The FDA has the sole authority to determine the scope of the covered commodities. Further details are available on the FDA Website.

Samples of food for non-consumption valued below $100 have also been identified as exempt from PN requirements. This would include shipments clearly identified as samples destined for food manufacturers or testing labs, but would not include shipments to retailers or individuals.

The FDA has the sole authority to determine the scope of the covered commodities. Further details are available on the FDA Website.


Who needs to register?
All facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food for human or animal consumption in the United States must register with the FDA.

What information is required?


Each registration must include:

  • The name, address and phone number for the facility and its parent company (if applicable);

  • The name, address and phone number of the owner-operator or agent in charge;

  • all trade names the facility uses;

applicable food product categories; and a statement certifying that the information submitted is true and accurate and that the person is authorised to submit the registration.

All non-US facilities must also designate a U.S. Agent who must live or maintain a place of business in the U.S. and be physically present in the U.S. for purposes of registration.

When should any changes to a previous facility application be submitted?
When any required element of a facility's registration changes, an update must be submitted within 60 days of the change. 

Prior Notice of Importation

How can customers ensure that the FDA receives a timely prior notice?

Cool Cargo Uk / Agents will require submission of a Prior Notice confirmation number or the required data elements to submit a Prior Notice application on the shipping documentation at the time of collection.

The FDA also allows food importers to submit the Prior Notice application directly. Prior notice must be submitted electronically at the FDA Website. 

The "Required Information for FDA Prior Notice Submission" is available to download and complete directly below.

Download "Required Information for FDA Prior Notice Submission. (PDF)

Cool cargo Uk / Us gants will accommodate both options.

Are there any other information requirements?
In addition to standard invoice requirements, the following elements must be included on the shipping invoice and be available at the time of collection:

Identification of each article of food, including the common or usual name or market name, the quantity described at the smallest package size, and the lot or code numbers or other identifiers.

In order to be able to submit a proper Prior Notice, Cool Cargo requires English language description of each food item shipped. (The FDA product code).


  • Complete name and address of the manufacturer or grower and their FDA registration number (if available)

  • Country of production

  • Complete name and address of the shipper and their FDA registration number (if available)

  • Complete name and address of the importer, purchaser or ultimate consignee and their FDA registration numbers (if available)

  • The "Required Information for FDA Prior Notice Submission" can be completed and included with the shipping documents to ensure all details necessary are available.

The "Required Information for FDA Prior Notice Submission" is available to download and complete directly below.

Please Note that a separate prior notice is required for each article of food when any of the above items varies or changes. This also includes changes in the size or kind of packaging or container.

What information does Cool cargo UK require if customers choose to submit prior notification directly to the FDA?
Cool Cargo will require a copy of the prior notice confirmation to accompany the shipment. The confirmation number must also be clearly identified on the shipping invoice. The Cool Cargo HAWB (waybill) should state Food or Foodstuff.

what will happen if I don't apply for FDA prior Notice or send samples or food, Food Stuff without Prior Notice?

What will occur if customers do not follow the above requirements?
Food that is imported or offered for import with inadequate Prior Notice is subject to refusal and holding at the port or in secure storage. The FDA will provide its staff with enforcement guidelines containing the Agency's policies on injunctions, prosecution, seizure, destruction, fines, and penalties related to failure to provide timely and accurate Prior Notice, goods can be returned to shipper at shipper expense. which can be very costly after fines and demurrage have bee levied.

So No FDA prior Notice, Do Not Send your shipment.

Temperature controlled shipping from UK to USA: -

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. 

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