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Temperature Controlled Air freight 

Temperature Controlled Airfreight, Temperature-Sensitive Air Shipping.

Cool Cargo UK specialist temperature controlled air freight project services for temperature-sensitive goods, cool chain cargo, chilled freight shipping of pharmaceuticals & frozen food shipping. Dry ice can be used in for frozen shipping within Airline limits for shipping chilled or frozen.

Temperature-sensitive Air freight food Transportation

​Temperature-controlled freight by Air for sensitive shipment. Cool Cargo chilled logistics services provide Cold Chain and Temperature Controlled air freight shipping of frozen and chilled goods.

Temperature controlled air freight, refrigerated air cargo shipping logistics specialist Cool Cargo UK are shippers of Ambient, chilled and Frozen air freight. The process for chilled freight starts with the clients advising Cool Cargo the chilled product transportation requirements be they pharmaceuticals or foods . The packed products are then collected, or delivered by manufacturers, supplier the goods are checked, security cleared sorted and labelled in our temperature controlled warehouse.

Temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical shipping companies.

Cool-cargo offer solutions from United Kingdom for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, Life sciences, bio-technology for research and clinical trials and medical goods. Temperature controlled movement and shipping of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies like vaccines began in the middle of the 19th century. With modern pharmaceuticals now requiring more care it is now more critical that the pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical shipping companies safeguard the vaccine and medication for global movement for temperature variance. it is up to the cold chain supply to ensure the that the temperature sensitive products, especially healthcare or pharmaceuticals products are maintained as per product temperature requirements. Every freight movement needs to be under control from time of collection to final delivery. Pharmaceutical temperature vary but, (usually +2C to +8C or +15C to +25C) but also frozen) due to the sensitive shipment nature of these consignments or either the life cycle of product, safe handling, shipping is imperative for final delivery of temperature controlled pharmaceutical.

​Temperature controlled air freight food shipping, Refrigerated air cargo services

The cargo be it chilled Chocolates to Frozen Desserts, Frozen Meat, Frozen Poultry, Ice Cream, Frozen Butter, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruit Juice, Frozen Fish, Chilled Meat Chilled Poultry, Fresh Cheese, Chocolate, Margarine is securely packaged in our unique cool insulated pallets which help keep goods chilled or frozen for the journey of the cargo from Warehouse, to airline shed, on-board aircraft and finally at arrival destination for the consignee to arrange collection from cargo shed or delivered as per customer requirements.

Temperature controlled air Cargo, Refrigerated airfreight Services.

Our unique insulated pallets and cool covered thermal blankets can withstand variations of temperatures in controlled and non- controlled environments. Cool thermal blanket that maintains a constant temperature range of 15°C to 25°C (+/- 5°C) for pallets of chilled freight, cargo ) and provide valued insulation protection against direct sunlight, rain, humidity and heat. Our Ambient cargo shipping follows a similar process, but do not require insulated pallets. Ship your Chilled Air Freight to Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Dubai, Egypt, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, USA, Vietnam and Zimbabwe with Cool Cargo UK.

what is require to export Ambient, Chilled pharmaceuticals and Frozen cargo / freight ?

How to export chilled, ambient pharmaceuticals and frozen foods, produce or products. 

When sending temperature-controlled, ambient , frozen, chilled pharmaceuticals or even frozen foods the exporter / importer must do due diligence on the export/ Import of the produce with importing country, the client / receiver will need to registered with the tax authority have Tax Code / VAT number for importing goods. 

All pharmaceuticals, produce, food products for human consumption arriving into the country generally have to go through a port authority that may require the following:-

  • Importers details as well as importers Customs / Tax / VAT code.

  • Health Certificate issued by county of Export, certificate of origin, if required by the Importing country. Please check with the importer.

  • Chilled, Ambient pharmaceuticals and Frozen produce consignments can be detained by importing by Port Health Authority for food acceptability certificate documentation inspection and processing. This can take up to 24 Hours once the cargo has landed.

  • Commercial Invoice confirming (HS Code) tariff codes and value of goods for customs clearance purpose.

Please send all export documentation requested as above to cool cargo prior to export for checking and process prior to export of your Ambient, chilled and frozen cargo.

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